VITEC delivers secure, streaming video that is available anytime, anywhere and on any device
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Highest Quality Streaming

Highest quality streaming at reduced bandwidth

Low Latency

Low latency streams are ideal for exceptional live events.

Zero Error Delivery

Zero error delivery over unmanaged networks

Broaden Your Reach

VITEC’s proven unique transport technology eliminates the problems in transporting video that are inherent in unmanaged IP networks and delivers video of unprecedented quality regardless of network conditions.

Renewed Vision™

ProVideoServer™ integration allows high-quality encoded streams, complete with embedded time code and multi-channel audio, and play them back anywhere anytime.

Point-to-Multipoint Streaming

VITEC live streaming solutions offer high-quality, low latency HD video streaming for your point-to-point, bi-directional, and multi-site events.

Enable Maximum Engagement

VITEC’s Multi-Site Video Streaming solution provides enhanced video delivery to truly engage your followers. Developed to meet the demands of large-scale venues.

Featured Products

MGW Ace Encoder/Decoder provide a bandwidth efficient error-free video streaming solution over any network

The portable solution features next-generation HEVC (H.265) compression reduces network bandwidth by up to 50% compared to H.264. It supports both HEVC and H.264 – built for the future without losing support for legacy receivers and decoders. With its unique flexible 4K capable FPGA architecture, MGW Ace Decoder is a future proof solution and ensures multi-site live streaming on private or public networks.

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Featured Use Case

Life Church Selects VITEC House of Worship Streaming Solutions

VITEC’s MGW Ace Encoder and Decoder are being used at Life Church and its four satellite campuses across Memphis, Tenn.

Multi-Site Streaming Solution for Houses of Worship

VITEC provides a balanced combination of high quality and low latency that is ideal for both point-to-point streaming and two-way, interactive streaming.

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Immaculate Video Quality and Ultra-low Latency with VITEC Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution

Enhance sermons

Engage People

Keep Your Audience Enthralled

Enhance sermons, engage people and keep your audience enthralled with high quality multi-site HD offering an intuitive, powerful viewing experience in a multitude of formats to various video devices with an effective and reliable solution.

Featured Use Cases


VITEC Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution

Cornerstone Church

VITEC’s Houses Of Worship Solution enables
flawless dual-channel multi-site streaming

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